We offer the Pier Two product and workmanship Guarantee on all our new Jetty and Wharf builds.

For the first two years of the life of your new Pier Two jetty, starting from the date of handover to you, we will provide quarterly jetty inspections and reporting at no charge through our specialised PierTwo JettyCare™ team.

As part of this maintenance plan, we fasten all accessible bolts at four and twelve month intervals, and provide you written feedback on the state of the jetty structure and materials. We will consult with you before undertaking replacement of any fixtures or fittings that do not meet our high quality standards for normal usage and at our own expense during this two year period.

Any defective structural work or fittings installed by us, or any material defect in our workmanship will be repaired or replaced at our earliest opportunity. We reserve the right to undertake an appropriate negotiation process with our supplier or suppliers before undertaking any remedial work.

Our Pier Two Guarantee excludes any damage to the pier, jetty infrastructure or decking caused by normal use or misuse. If we uncover any such damage during our quarterly maintenance inspections, we will report this to you as part of our written report and, after discussion, we can advise of the estimated cost for repair and replacement of any damaged components if required.

In addition to our Pier Two Guarantee, our Pricing commitment will give you confidence that you are not paying more than you need to for your new jetty build.




Before you accept any quotation for your new Jetty or Wharf Build, check your supplier has included the following items in their quote. These are standard on our new builds.

  1. We only use marine-quality Stainless Steel fasteners unless galvanised is specified by your engineer. Where available, we specify 316 Stainless Steel for decking screws, joist hangers, strapping, through bolts, hex bolts, square washers and hex nuts.
  2. We bevel all wooden decking boards, wooden hand rails (technically these are filletted as they’re curved, not chamfered), ladders, steps and wooden jetty piles heads, unless we use pile caps on the tops.
  3. We apply a high quality marine waterproofing epoxy resin or grease and tape seal to all exposed pile bolts, rods, washers and nuts. This offers corrosion safety, sealing and waterproofing that will extend the life of your jetty.
  4. We countersink, inset or recess all screws, bolt heads and ends where appropriate to reduce any chance of damage to vessels or jetty users from any protruding metal fittings.
  5. We add a single conduit to the length of the jetty for addition of future utilities such as electrical or fresh water. Retrofitting conduit can be costly, and may not be in keeping with our goal of building beautiful jetties, so we install this as part of our build process unless you advise otherwise.
  6. We will maintain frequent communications during the build process with you as our client and with our or your appointed engineer, particularly if we identify any possible beneficial change to the approved plans or if any unforeseen issues arise during construction.
  7. We operate a SiteSafe workplace with signage advising on security and safety, and advice on potential hazards. We also communicate in writing to those residents or house owners located close to the worksite to advise of important information regarding the jetty build including timings for barge arrivals, any access delays. We also list our mobile and satellite phone numbers for urgent contact.
  8. We advise on bollards, fabrication of aluminium alloy swim ladders, taps or any additional fixtures to make your jetty more usable.
  9. We offer the Pier Two Guarantee on every new jetty build. This gives you two years of free quarterly inspections as part of our Pier Two Jetty Maintenance Plan through our PierTwo JettyCare™ team. Any defective material or finish will be addressed at our expense during this period.

We provide this same high level of workmanship on every Marlborough Sounds project we undertake. Don’t be disappointed – choose Pier Two.