Please read our Pier Two Terms and Conditions before confirming your acceptance of our Project Estimates.

Pier Two Limited (“Pier Two”) only undertakes jetty, boatshed and foreshore construction work in accordance with our Pier Two Terms and Conditions of trade.

Prior to undertaking any work, we will provide you, our prospective client, with a detailed estimate of costs for the services we are planning to provide. Our Estimate is calculated from the information provided to us and our own assumptions based on reviewing plans or by visiting the site location.

Generally our Estimates are only valid for 60 days from date of issue. Should the Estimate we submit not be approved to proceed within 60 days, we will re-price the project once you have advised confirmation to proceed.

Should specifications or requirements change, we will revise this Estimate accordingly. We endeavour to price all jobs accurately. However we reserve the right to reprice if any errors or omissions are identified before job commencement or economic circumstances create meaningful changes to subcontractor prices, materials or labour rates. We do take pride in pricing accurately and a major revision is almost always unlikely unless we uncover new information regarding the construction to be undertaken.

Upon your acceptance of our Estimate, we will agree construction dates. We cannot hold any scheduled dates until acceptance of our Estimate and our Pier Two Terms and Conditions. Acceptance is confirmed by payment of a deposit invoice.

For Pier Two new builds and major refurbishment we will issue an invoice for a 25% deposit after your confirmation to proceed and acceptance of our Contract terms and conditions. We cannot place supplier orders until the deposit invoice is paid. Your deposit payment is credited against labour costs incurred during the project. We believe this provides fairness in risk for both us and our clients.

For Pier Two JettyCare™ work involving maintenance, repairs, minor renovations or refurbishment, we provide a written JettyCare™ Estimate for our services and materials. We issue an invoice for a 30% deposit after your written confirmation to proceed after receipt of our Estimate.

Payment of your deposit secures the dates agreed for the provision of services by Pier Two and allows us to begin to order job timber and other material and to book any subcontractors (electricians, barge, engineers, etc) required to complete the project. Once your deposit payment has been made, we will confirm construction dates (dates remain subject to seafloor inspection and confirmation of piling capability at your site).

All timber, materials and any subcontractor costs are invoiced on delivery to our workshop or worksite, or at key milestones. All timber & materials remain the property of Pier Two until paid for. All Pier Two progress invoices are due seven days after issue. Any delay in payment will result in all project activity ceasing after 14 days overdue until full payment is made for all outstanding time and materials.  We reserve the right to charge interest on overdue accounts. Progress invoices for labour are generally charged monthly and progressively credited against your deposit until used up, with a final invoice due on completion. 

Piling for new jetties and pile replacement is undertaken on a ‘best efforts’ basis. Parts of the New Zealand coastline consist of hard rock and as such it may not be possible for some or all piles to be driven or extracted at the intended site. Where full driving is not possible or breakage of piles occurs during piling or pile extraction, we will work with you to find a suitable alternative solution. In this situation, we reserve the right to charge for work attempted or partially completed based on the approved Estimate. As this will typically require additional charges for our time, contractors and materials, we will provide a written estimate of additional charges before undertaking any extra work. Shallow water sites may require additional vessels or tools and may result in piling delays.

We offer a two year guarantee on our carpentry and craftsmanship. Our Estimate includes returning to your site to undertake bolt tightening at the required 4 month & 12 month intervals and as part of our regular inspection programme for 24 months from the date of completion.

Our Pricing commitment will give you confidence that you are not paying more than you need to for your new jetty build. Our Pier Two Terms and Conditions ensure we are able to provide timely services and fair charges and make commitments on your behalf for materials and sub-trades. We look forward to working with you to deliver your foreshore construction.




Before you accept any quotations for your new Jetty or Wharf Build, check your supplier has included the following items in their quote. These are standard on our new builds.

  1. We use marine-quality Stainless Steel fasteners unless specified. We use 316 Stainless Steel for all decking screws, joist hangers, strapping, through bolts, hex bolts, square washers and hex nuts, unless galvanised fixings are specified by your engineer.
  2. We chamfer all wooden decking boards, wooden hand rails, ladders, steps and wooden jetty piles heads, unless we use caps on the piles.
  3. We apply high quality marine grease, or epoxy waterproofing primer where specified, and tape seal to all exposed pile bolts, rods, washers and nuts. This offers corrosion safety, sealing and waterproofing that will extend the life of your jetty. We use Metalex or other timber preservatives on our timber pile notches, bolt insets and heavily treat timber pile tops.
  4. We take the time to properly countersink, inset or recess all external screws, bolt heads and protruding ends where appropriate to minimise any chance of damage to vessels or jetty users from any protruding metal fittings.
  5. We can add a single conduit or 25mm alkathene pipe to the length of the jetty for addition of hidden future utilities such as fresh water if you would like this installed at time of construction. We can also run a second (white) conduit for electricity services. Retrofitting conduit can be costly, and may not be in keeping with our goal of building beautiful jetties, so we suggest installing this as part of our build process. We use 25mm tube saddles in 316 stainless steel to affix alkathene water piping to inside joists beneath your jetty deck boards so these services are hidden from view.
  6. We will maintain frequent communications during the build process with you as our client and with our or your appointed engineer, particularly if we identify any possible beneficial change to the approved plans or if any unforeseen issues arise during construction. We operate a satellite phone, UHF radio, VHF radio, and cellular phones on site where coverage allows. For longer builds (2 months+) we can install Wi-Fi (SoundsNet) internet access onto site where coverage allows and where electricity is available. We can transfer ownership of the onsite telecommunications equipment and Internet account to our client as part of our jetty handover. Please ask us about this. 
  7. We operate a SiteSafe workplace with signage advising on security and safety, and advice on potential hazards. We also communicate in writing to those residents or house owners located close to the worksite to advise of important information regarding the jetty build including timings for barge arrivals, any access delays. We also list our mobile number and 0800 phone number on our Hazard Board for any urgent contact whilst we’re not on site.
  8. We advise on post-construction modifications and improvements such as stainless steel bollards, fabrication of proprietary stainless steel or alloy swim ladders (designed to fit within your piles and cross braces), water taps, all-weather power access, fenders and lines, shielded lighting, reflectors, and any other additional fixtures to make your jetty more usable.
  9. We offer the Pier Two Guarantee on every new jetty build. This gives you two years of free inspections as part of our Pier Two Jetty Maintenance Plan. Any defective material or finish will be addressed at our expense during this period.

We provide this same high level of workmanship on every project we undertake.


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